about the artist

It all started because of the love for words. Ever since she was a child, Faith would spend much of her time reading, and much of her time expressing her thoughts through words. She discovered a love for writing songs at a young age, and when she taught herself the guitar at eleven (initially to impress a guy), she knew she'd found something special. 

In 2016, Faith wrote 'A Letter to God Concerning Love' after a heartbreak, and decided to share it with the world, and ever since then she has continued to write more heart-tugging melodies, all heard on the many stages she has stood on. 

Faith began open mic-ing in 2017 with Open Mic Malaysia, and in the following years has been given opportunities to feature at venues like The Bee, Merdekarya and No Black Tie, singing alongside local musicians like Russell Curtis, Beverly Matujal, Christian Palencia, Amrita Soon and Reza Salleh, to name a few. 

As an adventurous nineteen-year-old, Faith loves experimenting with different sounds like jazz, indie rock and pop, but will always return to the honest, raw, folky tunes of her guitar and her soothing alto vocals. 

In her music you'll rediscover what it's like to live on the edge of teenhood. Her stanzas outlining seasons of depression, falling in and out of love, joy and going through changes are heavy with honesty and relatability. She writes to reassure, bring joy, and to make sense of the mistakes she makes and the lessons she learns. 

Faith loves coffee and puns and greek yogurt, although preferably not all at once.